Descendants and synonyms

Nomenclature (3)

  • Lycorma Stål, 1863b: 234.

    type species by subsequent designation Aphana [sic] imperialis White, 1846 in Distant, 1906i: 205

  • Licorma [sic] Stål, 1863 in Kato, 1929a: 550.
  • Licorma [sic] Stål, 1863 (misspelling of Lycorma Stål, 1863) in Kato, 1929a: 550.


Aphana [sic] imperialis White, 1846 type species by subsequent designation of Lycorma Stål, 1863

Gender, form, and etymology


after Lycormas river in Aetolia (Greek: Λυκόρμας) now Evinos river (Greek: Εύηνος), in Greek mythology, Evenus, drowned himself in the river Lycormas after being humiliated by his daughter Marpessa’s abduction at the hands of Idas

Nomenclature references (3)

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  • Kato, M. (1929a) Descriptions of some new Formosan Homoptera. Transactions of the Natural History Society of Formosa, 19, 540–551.
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