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Nomenclature (27)

  • Octicelli Westwood, 1845d: 33. (nomen nudum: not from genus name)
  • Octicelli Westwood, 1845 (unavailable or invalid, linked to Tibicininae Distant, 1905)
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  • Tibiciinidae [sic] Distant, 1905 in Boulard, 1998c: 106.
  • Tibiciinidae [sic] Distant, 1905 (misspelling of Tibicininae Distant, 1905) in Boulard, 1998c: 106.


Cicada (Tibicina) Kolenati, 1857 type genus of Tibicinini Distant, 1905

Nomenclature references (15)

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