Depicts Live specimen, an Observation.
Depicts Live specimen, an Observation.

Descendants and synonyms

Nomenclature (18)

  • Tinobregmus vittatus Van Duzee, 1894f: 214.

    Lectotype; female; f7535818-237e-41fc-9186-4a2b8299a740; deposited at: Iowa State University (ISUI); U.S.A.: Florida

  • Tinobregmus pallidus Osborn, 1911d: 261.

    Holotype; female; c3a3cb55-7a56-4c39-9505-c801c50c9e31; deposited at: Ohio State University (OSU); U.S.A.: Texas, Plano, V.1907, E.S. Tucker

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  • Tinobregmus viridiscens DeLong, 1916 (subjective synonym of Tinobregmus vittatus Van Duzee, 1894) in Nielson, 1975a: 17.
  • Tinobregmus vittatus var. clavatus DeLong, 1945 (subjective synonym of Tinobregmus vittatus Van Duzee, 1894) in Nielson, 1975a: 17.
Gender, form, and etymology


Latin: banded

Nomenclature references (8)

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