Flexamia grammica (Ball, 1900)

Depicts Live specimen, an Observation.
Depicts Live specimen, an Observation.
genital capsule, laterally. Depicts Pygofer, lateral view, an Observation.
Dorsal. Depicts Habitus, dorsal view, an Observation.
genital capsule, ventrally. Depicts Subgenital plate, an Observation.
Labels. Labels for the specimen used for the dorsal, lateral and face images. Depicts Other, an Observation.
Head/Face. Depicts Head, an Observation.
female pygofer, ventrally. Depicts Ovipositor, an Observation.
Lateral. Depicts Habitus, lateral view, an Observation.
head, dorsally. Depicts Head, an Observation.

Descendants and synonyms

Nomenclature (4)

  • Deltocephalus grammicus Ball, 1900b: 204.

    Lectotype; female; 5f92eb53-e22f-4426-b225-e67a1c1749b8; deposited at: National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution (USNM); Julesburg, Colorado, 8, 4-99

  • Deltocephalus (Flexamia) grammicus Ball, 1900 in DeLong, 1926d: 37.
  • Flexamia grammicus (Ball, 1900) in DeLong & Caldwell, 1937c: 27.
  • Flexamia grammica (Ball, 1900) in Beamer, 1938d: 226.
Gender, form, and etymology


Greek: γράμμα (line)

Nomenclature references (5)

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  • Beamer, R.H. (1938d) Miscellaneous leafhoppers with descriotions of five new species (Homoptera, Cicadellidae). The Canadian Entomologist, 70, 224–230.
  • ... Show all ... (1)
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